If you are writing an essay about any book, you should know how to write the title of the book in the right way. As you probably already know, there are many different ways to do it since there are various styles of formatting. If you wonder how to write a book title in an essay, then this article is going to help you title a book correctly. 

How to write a book title in an essay appropriately

Titling a book is not a hard task, but there are many nuances you should take into account. There are many different styles you can use for book titles in an essay. Here are some of the most common styles and formats you can apply for your paper as well:

  1. Using the APA Style to write a title for your book. In APA style, all of the first words as well as words that are more than 4 letters should be capitalized. If you use a word after a dash or colon, it should be capitalized too. For titles of movies, books, videos, periodical literature, tv-series you should italics. If you use reference materials such as dictionaries, atlas, almanacs, maps, handbooks, etc., then you should quotation marks instead of italics. 
  2. Titling your book in Chicago style. This format is a bit different from the APA. For Chicago, you should capitalize all of the verbs, nouns, adjectives in the book title. Articles, conjunctions, and prepositions, on the other hand, should not be capitalized. Quotations marks can be used in this style as well, but only if the book is a part of an anthology. This style of formatting is very similar to the MLA style. 
  3. Writing a title with the help of the NY Times style. This format is widely used by journalists and writers who work with the NY Times. It is a pretty interesting style you can try for your own title as well. You will have to capitalize all of the important words such as nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. For this title, you will also have to capitalize first and last words. 

Formatting and citing is important 

It is always best to use all the appropriate formats and citations when it is required. It shows that the author of any kind of work that was properly formatted followed the rules and has good style of writing. Formatting helps to make your text much more readable. 

You should also cite everything that was not written by you. If you don’t want your writing to be considered plagiarism, add citations and annotated bibliography with all the resources and materials you have used. You should also do it out of respect for other writers since it is not okay to steal content from other authors and say that it is yours. Nobody will take you seriously if you do that.

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