How to start an essay

Essay is a creative work that can be written by anyone. We will tell you how to write an essay and not make typical mistakes. In this article you will find all the necessary information about the peculiarities of the genre, as well as useful tips for beginners.

What is an essay

What is the essay as a genre? The word itself, having Latin origin, came to English from French. Literally “essay” is translated as an attempt, experience, sketch.

An essay is a small prosaic story in which the author expresses his impressions, thoughts or reflections. To write a story correctly, you need to learn about its genre characteristics.

Features of the genre

  • Free composition, easy storytelling.
  • Theme one and it is specifically defined, but the problem within it is disclosed in detail.
  • One can feel the author’s position, subjective assessment.
  • Thoughts and feelings come to the fore.
  • The style of the text is colloquial. The essence of the terms is not disclosed, there are no long formulations.
  • Relatively small volume, (certain norms of the number of pages do not exist).

Those who want to know how to write a story correctly should keep in mind that many people confuse essays with essays. But these are different genres. The composition does not provide for the expression of the author’s position and requires neutrality. Essays, on the contrary, based on the author’s impressions, should surprise readers with paradoxes, frankness, vivid imagery.

Essay structure, writing style

  • Introductory part
    The purpose of the introduction is to give an emotional mood, to involve in reading, to interest. For this purpose, we use rhetorical questions, quotations, and a clear formulation of the topic.
  • The main part:
    The thesis+arguments
    Thesis+arguments and so on
    The author is encouraged to touch upon the history of the issue, giving different (sometimes opposite) views on the problem.
  • Conclusion
    In fact, these are the conclusions of all of the above. The final proposals are valuable in that they add integrity to the work. Their function is to encourage the reader to think, to make the work memorable. Sometimes it seems that it is because of the closing lines that the story was worth writing.

The style of the text can be emotional, contrasting, artistic – the author chooses the tone.

How to write an essay: useful tips for newcomers

  • The text should be easy to read. This can be achieved by alternating short and long sentences and by using punctuation marks (dashes, colons) instead of unions.
  • Do not abuse complicated words, slang, or narrowly defined vocabulary.
  • Avoid cliches, trite phrases, empty expressions. They “take away” the author’s individuality from the work.
  • Do not forget about humor and irony, but do not abuse them.
  • Stick to the chosen theme, be consistent in its disclosure. Do not deviate from the main idea.
  • Dilute the story with memories, impressions, stories from his life experience.

How to choose a topic to write a story

When deciding on the topic that is most often offered, you should look at two steps forward. Namely, what skills the text should demonstrate. That is, it is better to take the topic where you can show all your knowledge, strengths, professional qualities. For example, singers come to the castings of modern music contests not with the songs they like. They teach the ones that will reveal their vocals, charisma and theatrical skills best of all.

How to start an essay: 3 tips

You can start an essay using the free writing technique (freeriding). The essence of the method is that a person writes down all thoughts that come to mind. Without a filter, edit or edit. At first, this process may seem like a stream of consciousness. But in the future, these thoughts can help a lot, for example, to answer the question about what and how to write an essay.

That is, you do not need to think about what to write on paper or text document. You just need to start doing it, and the phrases will come themselves, otherwise you can never make the first step.

It’s a paradox, but the introduction is best written at the end of the work. I always want it to be interesting, so you can dwell on the first lines. It is better to return to it when the main part is ready. Then it will become clearer what to bring the readers to.
How to write a story without a hitch? Start the story with a question. And all the following text should be presented in the form of an answer.

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