Students get used to writing different academic assignments. However, some of them are assigned quite rarely. Therefore, some folks are taken by surprise when they are assigned such assignments like – Who am I essay.

The name of the essay speaks for itself. A student is supposed to write something about himself/herself. The concept is similar to a narrative essay. However, you don’t describe an event you’ve lived through and the feelings you felt while it happened. Who am I essay is supposed to reveal something interesting, and sometimes, deeply personal about your persona. We’ll teach you to compose it correctly to earn many grades.

Choose a topic

Your first step is to choose a topic. Think about something your readers would like to know about you. In the meanwhile, make sure you’ll be able to reveal it. Some things are too personal. Other issues are simply hard to explain plainly. Therefore, be choosy and careful.

What are the possible topics to disclose? Make allowances for the following ideas:

  • Physical appearance. You may describe your face. It’s especially interesting if you have something uncommon in your appearance. These may be dimples, moles, freckles, asymmetrical ears, eyes with different colors, and something of the kind. Another option is to describe your body.
  • Personality. Tell about who you are. Explain your main personality traits and how you use them in your life.
  • Religious beliefs. It’s a rather delicate and tricky theme. Not all people are ready to reveal their religious views. There is a great confrontation concerning religion. Besides, some students are atheists. Explain your choices.
  • Education. Make a report on your favorite academic disciplines. Your story may be related to some important events in your life, which made you love certain disciplines.
  • Hobbies. Every person has his/her personal preferences. You write a story, which discloses your hobbies and most favorite activities. Tell why they are so important and how they affect your life.
  • Job. Every student dreams of acquiring some profession. Create a story that describes the job of your dreams. Clarify your choice and why it’s so vital.
  • Relationships. Tell how you get along with other people. Explain the meaning of love and/or friendship in your life. What do they mean?

Craft an outline

After you decide what to cover, create an outline. It should include the main writing phases, which are:

  • Introduction;
  • Main plot;
  • Conclusion.

However, it’s also important to evaluate the time necessary to complete each phase. Try to predict how long they will take and make a flexible schedule. Make sure you’ve taken into account everything you may need and stick to your deadlines.


Once you have a clear plan, begin to write. Drafting is important for your success. If you write a single copy and instantly submit it, there is a risk of failure. Nobody is perfect and you’ll surely make some mistakes. Accordingly, write at least a couple of drafts to see how ripe your story is.

You aren’t forced to write a properly planned text. Don’t stick to some strict demands. It should be a flow of your thoughts. Write down all the ideas that occur to your mind. Afterward, reread and rewrite it. The next draft ought to be more logical and properly structured.

Join your paragraphs in the logical blocks united with a single goal. Use linking words to make smooth transitions. Check whether every paragraph is closely related to your topic. Your language should be half formal and half conversational. Add some charts or lists if they are applicable. Write short sentences to make your story livelier and easy to read.


The last lap is to check what you’ve managed to write. Revise it alone, with the help of other people, and using various grammar, plagiarism or spell checkers. Thus, you’ll probably detect every single mistake or weak part. Fix what’s wrong and create a real masterpiece.

As you can see, this piece of writing doesn’t strongly differ from other essays. The main difference is the absence of official data. You don’t have to seek informative sources and gather evidence of some studies and researches. Simply tell something captivating about yourself and follow the structure.

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